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Hulse/QM Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links below to access the answers to Hulse / QM®'s Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes Hulse/QM® different from other insurance agents?

First, Hulse/QM® has made it its business to know and understand the various programs and services of human service organizations that support persons with disabilities in community settings. Such knowledge and understanding includes a wide range of risk issues, such as social and educational services, transportation services, residential and employment services, recreational services, respite care, camping services and more. Hulse/QM® seeks to be an asset to a client organization: Risk Analysis and management, insurance and a behavior based performance resource.

Second, Hulse/QM® has over 25 years experience in providing insurance programs and solutions to organizations supporting persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses.

Third, in a continuous effort to cut the cost of insurance, Hulse/QM® brings consultations to its client organizations on various areas of risk. Assisting the organization and quantifying its management of risk is a critical means of lowering the costs of insurance. Underwriters hear all the time the desire to reduce premium. Competitive bidding has its limitations on achieving long term savings in costs. Measured data of an organization's cultural focus upon all phases of quality takes negotiations with underwriters to a much higher level. Such a level is where significant and continuous reductions occur.

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2. What consultation services does Hulse/QM® make available to its client organizations?

  • Behavior based Performance Management rooted in the Behavioral Sciences

  • Risk Analysis and Management

  • Assessments of insurance

  • Design of insurance portfolios specific to each client organization

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3. Is there a fee charged to a human service organization when Hulse/QM® is providing a consultation service to such organizations?

In its transparency communications to its client organization, first there is a report that provides data on commissions obtained out of the premiums paid to Hulse/QM®. Then there is clear information regarding just what consultations come with the premium paid by the client organization. From here, it is then possible to determine what consultations require a fee for the consultation.

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4. What are the various insurance products Hulse/QM® makes available to human service organizations?

Property Insurance

  • Standard buildings & contents

  • Special insurance:

    • Computers

    • Phone systems

    • Program assets

    • Building systems

    • Building construction & alterations

    • Vehicle/mobile assets

    • Below market leases

    • Building code compliance

    • Assets in transit

    • Assets temporarily off premises

  • Non-owned property

  • Asset valuations

  • Special event property

Business Continuity Insurance

  • Keeping the business solvent

  • Funding Emergency and Recovery Plans

  • Regular and Contingent Business Interruption

Liability Insurance

  • The basic level for ordinary liabilities- bodily injury, property damage and partial invasion of privacy incidents

  • Abuse & sexual molestation inc. vicarious liability

  • Invasion of privacy rights

  • Employee injury

  • Directors & Officers, including:

    • Director error or omission

    • Employment practices

    • Fiduciary – employee benefit errors

    • Professional/malpractice liability

Emerging Areas Of Insurance

  • Pandemic loss insurance

  • Cyber Realities & Liabilities

  • Failure of Security

  • Breach of Privacy

  • Extortion

  • Crisis management & notification expense coverage

  • Electronic media liability

  • Electronic information storage & transfer

  • Intangible information assets

  • Intellectual Property insurance

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