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About Hulse/QM Human Service Organization Insurance and Student Insurance Products

Each day at Hulse/QM® we define our success by the achievements of the clients we serve. It is central to our own Mission. We bring over 50 years of experience to our client organizations, and we are a leading provider of risk control and risk insurance.

In the mid 1980's, John (Jack) Hulse adopted a strategy centered on the notion that his organization could not be all things to all people. Instead, he thought it very important that we have a high expertise for the interests of those we seek to serve.

With experience and time, we came to describe this synergy of ideas that puts the mission of our clients first as "The Jack Hulse Way." It requires out of the box thinking and starting with "Yes" when challenges present themselves. It means no question goes unanswered and each issue is fully investigated. It puts profits behind progress and exceeding client expectations at all times. Through practicing this process over the years, Hulse/QM® has narrowed our focus of time and energy on the following:

  • Human Service Organizations supporting persons with disabilities in community settings.

  • Colleges & Universities, assisting with the outsourcing of their administrative and student advocacy tasks of their Student Health Insurance Programs.

  • Interscholastic Athletic Associations

Values, personal passions and relationships make Hulse/QM® who we are--a reflection of the quality of intentional relationships among ourselves, and between us and our client organizations.

  • We are a customer service organization focused upon the Missions and Visions of our client organizations. Serving them and their customers is our passion.

  • Timely responses, letting people know we heard their communications and needs, setting times for working for them that meet their time frames.

  • Coordinating our staff and the mix of our skill sets and expertise for the benefit of our customer organizations, not forcing them into our schedules, but coordinating continuously through our own frequent meetings, setting objectives according to the needs of our customers.

  • Problem solving rather than blaming, solutions first and limitations second, always keeping in mind the Missions & Visions of our client organizations. It is called Shared Goals!!

  • Knowing our customer's businesses. Knowing their cultures and intentions to improve their customer service. Knowing that our success is really an outcome of our customer's success at what they do.

  • Mutual respect among ourselves and with our customers.

  • Flexibility, constantly adapting to the needs of others we serve.

  • Striving for Emotional and Social Intelligence in how we work and interact with others.

Hulse/QM® began as a combined evolution of two corporations meant to expand upon Jack's organization and employ the values listed above. The dual approach to best serving our customers can be seen in every aspect of what we do, including the name Hulse/QM®.

Hulse Associates, Inc. is incorporated in Pennsylvania and licensed in multiple states as a commissions based insurance company which provides a variety of insurance products and services to human service organizations, colleges and universities.

QM Services, Inc., also incorporated in Pennsylvania, is fee-based and focuses upon risk and quality management services that reduce the Cost of Risk in client organizations.

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