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College & University Student Insurance

A Hulse/QM® Quality Student Health Insurance Program provides a holistic approach to student health and athletic insurance at the collegiate level. Our programs begin with the needs of your student population. We bring together the administrative and academic departments that have a vested interest in student health and athletic insurance, and guide the decision making process. The outcome gives your students access to credible health and athletic insurance that has carefully balanced the benefits and the cost.

Our approach is not cookie-cutter.

Hulse/QM® is unique in the student health insurance industry. We are not an insurance company. We provide consulting and administrative services to your student insurance program and ultimately, work with your students so they achieve their educational and extracurricular goals.
  • We offer a customizable website that accepts both enrollments and waivers.
  • We design a program timeline and communications that reflect the culture of your institution and will provide the desired results.
  • We design and implement an administrative program that removes much of the work from administrative and athletic staff, so they can refocus their attention on your student.

Explore our Quality Student Health Insurance Programs and find a student insurance solution that fits your needs.
The Balancing Act
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