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Hulse / QM Making a Difference

Hulse/QM® never forgets what it means to be a leader in providing human service organizations with risk control and risk insurance. Hulse/QM® consistently seeks to be a resource that enables human service organizations to not only succeed, but to excel in supporting persons with disabilities. In placing insurance on behalf of its customer organizations, Hulse/QM® seeks to make insurance empowering of new and innovative programs offered by human service organizations rather than a hindrance to the organization's own vision and mission.

Cost reduction is critical to any non-profit organization with such a challenging mission. The reduction of insurance premiums is one way to control expenses. However, insurance premiums are just one component of the broader Costs of Risk, including incident expenses, crisis management and self-insured costs. An organization that focuses merely on reductions in insurance premiums will see less savings than if it focuses upon the broader tasks of reducing Costs of Risk. Hulse/QM® focuses on the broader task of reducing the overall costs of risk, thereby pursuing significant savings of our client organization's insurance premiums and insulating our clients from the unpredictable insurance marketplace.

Insurance as an enabler of risky programs and services, and significant, even substantial reductions in an organization's total Costs of Risk is the difference Hulse/QM® seeks to make for its client organizations.
Hulse/QM - Making a Difference
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