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Hulse/QM Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Hulse/QM® provides quality student health insurance programs for your students. Our programs look for uninsured and underinsured students who need access to health care. Our programs ensure no student will forgo obtaining proper medical care for financial reasons alone.

Our Goal
Hulse/QM® will enable healthy students to fully participate in their academic and extracurricular lives, bettering their chance for success in their ultimate goal of obtaining a higher education degree.

Our Vision
Win-win solutions to difficult and complex issues. We work to find resolutions to the sometimes conflicting interests of health centers, sports medicine departments, school finance departments, insurance companies, healthcare providers and most importantly – your students and their parents. Hulse/QM® defines a successful student insurance program as one that has your students succeeding academically and in extra curricular activities because of excellence in their healthcare.
The Balancing Act
Real Life College University Student Insurance Stories