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Hulse/QM Mission, Vision & Values

John M. (Jack) Hulse
President, Hulse Associates Inc./QM Services Inc.

Jack Hulse is a risk manager and a certified counselor of insurance. Working nationally, Jack is focused upon the difficult risks assumed by organizations that serve persons with disabilities. Seeking a success in their mission, Jack assists our clients in assessing their risks, devising strategies for their management and monitoring the process and outcomes of those strategies.

Because of a growing demand for consultation and educational programs on risk and quality management, Mr. Hulse established QM Services, Inc., an organization focused on the quality management of human service organizations.

Jack earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Waynesburg University of Pennsylvania and a Masters Degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Philip C. Confer
New Business Liaison

As New Business Liaison, Phil is the front line contact for prospective human service organization clients. A portion of his responsibilities include assisting in the development of marketing campaigns, contact management, and informing our target market on how the Hulse/QM experience is so much different.

Phil earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. His professional background includes customer service, retail and educational sales, as well as insurance underwriting.

We welcomed Phil to our Mechanicsburg, PA office in 2009. He continues to work hard at getting our message out there, and building our national client base.


Dona K. Norris
Treasurer, Hulse Associates Inc.
President, QM Services, Inc.
Director, Operations

As Director of Operations, Dona balances the demands of administering our clients organization's needs with the needs of a small business. More specifically, she designs the web and software applications used to manage our client organization's information, privacy and accounting . Dona manages the technology used by staff and works to develop new ways to provide faster, more efficient communication and response avenues.

Dona began working with QM Services in 2004 as an accountant. She continues to support staff and the company with marketing, accounting, operational and planning duties.

Dona graduated form Shippensburg University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has more than 18 years in accounting and program administration experience.

Dona works out of the Mechanicsburg, PA office of QM Services.

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