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The Hulse/QM Difference - Student Insurance

The first thing you need to know about Hulse/QM® is that we are not an insurance company. We are an organization that provides a full range of student insurance administrative solutions for Universities and Colleges. Our expertise is providing answers for the tough questions that surround a Student Health Insurance Program.

  • How do I find affordable health insurance for my students that has the benefits they really need?
  • Who is going to do all this work?
  • Who is going to answer all these technical questions that students have?
  • What is the best type of student insurance program for my campus?

We use a consultative approach to guide your decision-makers to the best solutions to these questions and all the others that come up during our process.

Hulse/QM® programs look for uninsured and underinsured students. Unlike many insurance company run student health insurance programs, the goal of Hulse/QM® is not to sell insurance policies. We are using our resources to determine those students that need insurance, to ensure that financial barriers to healthcare do not stand in the way of a college degree.

Finally, we believe in full transparency about the revenue we generate from Hulse/QM® administering your student health insurance program. Everyone deserves compensation for a job well done and we will tell you up front how much money we make from your account.
The Balancing Act
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