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Human Service Organization Behavior-based Perfomance Management

First rule of Hulse/QM®:

Most any risk is insurable at a reasonable premium, provided the organization has in place a performance management system that does two things.

  • Explicit appropriate standards are written following a very good analysis of the risks involved.
  • An organization’s performance management system is able to reduce incidents to random events, not “accidents waiting to happen.”

Insurance can not be allowed to dictate the quality of life for an organization's consumers. For example, quadriplegics on water skis. Independent kayaking? Independent living. Access to activities typical of persons with typical needs. The issue is not whether or not insurance is obtainable. Rather it is an issue of the organization's ability to manage risk including staff behaviors and their results. It is also a matter of a brokers ability to make a compelling case for insuring risky activities to insurance companies, and at a reasonable premium.

One of the two Hulse/QM® Visions is on behalf of persons with intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses.

Most everyone dreams of participating in life and society to the extent of their choice. A Hulse/QM® Vision is that of being a partner with such persons who have special needs and those organizations that support them, so that the pursuit of their choices is supported by excellence in services, with risky endeavors done well and safely, and with as little insurance hindrance as possible.

Hulse/QM®'s expertise in insurance and brokerage services. Three things.

Over 25 years experience exists for consumers of Hulse/QM® brokerage services.

First, the kind of insurance Hulse/QM® works with every day.

Property Insurance

  • Standard building and contents
  • Special kinds of property with special hazards
  • Asset valuations (replacement cost, not market value)
  • Non-owned property

Business Continuity Insurance

  • Typical and atypical business interruption
  • Funding emergency and recovery planning

Liability Insurance

  • Negligent bodily injury and property damage
  • Physical and sexual abuse & molestation
  • Errors & omissions, including:
  • Professional Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Other Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Privacy Intrusions

Cyber Insurance

Typical insurance of the past has been very tangible in nature. Tangible property damage. Business interruption arising out of fire, storms or vandalism. Vehicle collision.

Cyber does not meet the tangible criteria. Electronic data, program platforms and media, corruption of data, wireless communication, and cloud computing. Nothing tangible here.

Unique risks require unique insurance. But be careful. The various cyber policies of different insurance companies are different. Don't just buy a cyber policy. Hulse/QM® specializes in the details.

Another thing. If an organization does not have cyber insurance, there are quite likely huge holes in its protection against breaches of privacy.

Other kinds of insurance too numerous to mention

Second, critical services necessary to make insurance what an organization needs.

Hulse/QM® groups its brokerage services into five categories.

  1. An annual Assessment of Insurance needs. Likely on site.
  2. Analysis, design and negotiation of needed insurance coverage and premiums with insurance company underwriters.
  3. Presentation of choices and recommendations to the organization. Likely on site.
  4. Claims case management.
  5. Ancillary Services, such as Certificates of Insurance.

Third, Hulse/QM® transparency.

Have you ever wondered what it costs an agent to do their work on your insurance program?

With Hulse/QM® you will know the commission revenue gained from your organization's insurance.

Further, in this web site you have read about matters of performance management. Profit from insurance commissions will be transparent and applied toward the cost of consulting with your organization on performance management.

Reduce insurance costs based upon the organization's ability to manage risk and its standards of performance!

Put risk dollars including insurance commissions to work on behalf of the organization's Mission and strategies!

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