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Hulse / QM Performance Management Services

Hulse/QM®'s first step to providing answers and solutions to Performance Management within organizations that support persons with disabilities in community settingsis to ask the right questions.

It can be a stand alone consultation. Or it can be added to a program consultation, such as the transportation safety consultation. As executive management addresses the issue on how they will get staff up to speed on new transportation safety standards, they will also add standards for employee performance that are incorporated with the new safety standards.

Now for the hard part. How does management change employee performance? How does it motivate to get the best out of staff? This is the subject of Performance Management by Hulse/QM®.

One major hurdle is organizational culture. It is a mix of attitudes, of the way things have been done, of unconscious behavioral rules, of the level of expectations shared throughout the organization. Simply telling employees to change their way of doing things rarely achieves much in the way of change.

Hulse/QM® understands performance is all about behavior, the meaning of behavior, and the sources of behavior. Any attempt by executive management and supervision to change operations needs to pause while executive management considers how the change will be done. This is best done by utilizing the concepts and techniques of a Performance Management discipline.
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