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Risk Control

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Key Principles of a HULSE/QM® Consultation

  • Employee behaviors are the cause of most, if not all, accidents and injuries.
    Thus changing employee behaviors is central to work done free of accidents, injuries, oversights or mistakes.
  • Supervisory mentoring and support is critical for successful achievements in employee safety. Avoid penalty driven evaluations except in very few cases.
  • Careful and consistent protection of employer at-will rights is consistently protected for the very few occasions of needed discipline or termination of employment.
  • Highly motivated employees need challenges, room for achievement and growth, and self-responsibility. Make certain employee achievements track with clear organizational goals.
  • Move Mission and Vision off the page into a continuous focus by all staff.
  • Would you put quadriplegics on water skis? Hulse/QM® would!
    It is called independence and quality of life.
    • Make certain staff know how to do it without injury to themselves
      or the consumer.
    • Activities should consistently happen the way they are planned.
      But it takes skills and techniques in Performance Management to
      achieve consistent targeted results.
  • Quality should cut costs!
    • Insurance Premiums
    • Incident Expenses
    • Crisis Management
    • Lost time
    • Improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Convert risk dollars into quality dollars.
  • Remove hindrances to independence, including insurance hindrances.

  • At no charge!
  • Select an area of your operations of risk.
  • Schedule a pre consultation Assessment.
  • Call Hulse/QM®¬†at 800-766-7090 to schedule a time to review what
    a Hulse/QM® consultation would look like.

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