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Hulse/QM® Human Service Organization Insurance

Have you looked at your organization's Costs of Risk as an area for substantial savings in expense?

Has your organization caught the vision of your full potential for improvement in performance?

How good are your supervisors and managers at increasing desired work behaviors of reporting employees and decreasing other undesired work behaviors?

For some time, now, Hulse/QM® has researched and studied these three strategic questions. There are great answers to them and solutions to the problems they pose.

  • Yes! There is the potential for significant savings in your organization's Costs of Risk, both savings in direct and indirect expenses.
  • Yes!Some organizations have realized a 69% increase in organizational performance over the base line of their current performance level.
  • Yes!The Behavioral Sciences have amazing and proven techniques for improving desired staff behaviors and results.

Hulse/QM® began some years ago with the simple intent of providing insurance services to organizations that support persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses in community settings. However, getting to know their businesses and discovering the extent of the risks in their work led to our own search as well for solutions to these strategic performance issues.

Getting to know the business of client organizations along with the search for solutions led to three areas of service capabilities of Hulse/QM®.

  1. Continued expertise in insurance services.
    For over 25 years, Hulse/QM® has provided above average insurance solutions for all lines of insurance including cyber insurance. (Read more)
  2. Risk management consultations that reduce the Costs of Risk.
    Expertise in risk control consultations: employee safety, abuse prevention, employment practices, vehicle safety, special event management, contract reviews, medication administration, recreation and fun safety, all with the ultimate purpose of reducing substantially the Cost of Risk. (Read more)
  3. Behavior based performance management consultations.
    Answers to the strategic question: How does an organization make organized activities happen the way they are planned, all for the purposes of reducing costs and crisis management, and achieving its highest potential of performance improvement? (Read more)
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