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Quality Student Health Insurance Programs

Student Insurance normally elicits groans from any group of university and college administrators. You know your students need health insurance "just in case" they get sick or injured. You can probably name at least one promising student who was forced to give up their graduation dreams because of mounting medical bills from an injury that was uninsured. You also know how an "epidemic" of illness, like the H1N1 flu virus, sweeps through your school and it seems like everyone is sick.

Then there is the administrative work of a student insurance program. Whether your school policy is hard waiver, soft waiver, voluntary or mandatory, someone at your school has to communicate to students your school's policy on healthcare. There is additional staff needed to decide the best student health insurance option to offer, and most likely another person who forwards enrollments to the insurance company and answers student/parent questions about the insurance. IT IS A LOT OF WORK!

Hulse/QM® Quality Student Health Insurance Programs start with your students and their need to access healthcare locally without financial barriers. Our programs are designed to work with the healthcare resources available on campus and in the community, and promote a healthier campus. We become your school's Satellite Office of Student Insurance where you transfer the WORK of your Student Health Insurance Program– from recommending an insurance policy to sending communications to collecting enrollments and waivers to answering questions.

Click one of our insurance program options below to find the student insurance program that meets the needs of your students AND your staff.

Healthcare Advocate Program – A full service program where the Healthcare Advocates at Hulse/QM® go the extra mile for your students. Includes our full range of services and works with any school administrative policy and health insurance carrier.

Administrative Program – A full service program that transfers the workload of a student insurance program to our professional staff. Includes all administrative services and works with any school administrative policy and health insurance carrier.

Athletic Advocate Program – A fee-based program that focuses your athletic trainers on the athletes and shifts the insurance work to our Athletic Advocates.

Athletic Insurance – Professional brokerage services to manage the risk of intercollegiate, club and intramural sports programs.

The Balancing Act – Learn more about Hulse/QM®'s unique approach to Student Health Insurance.
The Balancing Act
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