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Real Life Stories Jack Hulse of Hulse /QM

"It is rare in health care to find someone who can actually answer your questions. The staff at Hulse/QM® are extremely knowledgeable and helpful."
--Barbara Walker, Ph.D. Parent, Maryland Institute College of Art Student
Clinical Professor, Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences Indiana University

"When our son had to take a medical leave of absence from school, the healthcare advocate from Hulse/QM® helped us find medical providers in our home town. She helped to provide the continuity of care between the providers and the insurance company. She also continued to check on our claims for follow-up and answered questions regarding coverage for his medical condition."
--John D., Parent Bucknell University student

"California University of Pennsylvania made the choice to implement a Hard Waiver Student Insurance policy for the 2008/2009 academic year. Our conversations began with the Healthcare Advocates at Hulse/QM® in April 2008 and the choice was made to implement their Quality Hard Waiver program in July 2008. Hulse/QM® guided the implementation process with a sense of partnership, as Cal U transitioned from a voluntary student insurance program to a Quality Hard Waiver program. Hulse provided expert advice and experience to the implementation process. They got to know the campus and the processes we use at Cal U. Hulse offers core services, such as proven communications, online waiver/enrollment and a dedicated call center for student/parent inquiries. Their approach was customized to the needs and processes of our school. They developed strategies to work within the structure at Cal U and met several challenges when the unique needs of Cal U went outside their core program. I welcome your questions about our experience with the Healthcare Advocates at Hulse/QM®. Please contact me at or (724) 938-5519."
--Barry Niccolai, Dean for Residence and Off Campus Student Life,
California University of Pennsylvania

"With a certified athletic trainer on their staff, Hulse/QM® has become a major resource for our sports medicine department as well as the medical providers who work with the University. The workload of the athletic trainers in dealing with insurance provider issues has been completely eliminated and our staff can be focused on providing care for our student athletes. Parents, providers, coaches and the athletic training staff benefit from knowing that the medical insurance details are handled in an efficient and competent manner by the expertise of Hulse/QM® resources."
--Tim Pavlechko, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Bucknell University

"Hulse/QM® introduced Maryland Institute College of Art to an improved way of acquiring a Benefit Plan for our students. In the past, MICA largely had a limited amount of input into what was offered to us by other insurance companies. Now with the leadership of Hulse/QM®, we are very involved in proposing to insurance companies our interests and thoughts toward the needs of our students. Though Hulse/QM® does most of the work, MICA has become a sophisticated buyer of healthcare benefits for our hard waiver program through the expertise of Hulse/QM®."
--Ms. Delphine Easley, Executive Assistant, Student Affairs
Maryland Institute College of Art

"When my daughter needed a tonsillectomy due to several illnesses, we found out the insurance company deemed that it was an elective procedure. With the help of the healthcare advocate, we were able to gather information from providers to prove that this was medically necessary. The healthcare advocate followed up with the insurance company after everything was given to them to make sure that all documents were in order so they could make a decision. We were so thankful for the help we received through this ordeal and the thoughtfulness of the healthcare advocate to follow it through until we got an answer from the insurance company."
--Joyce P., Parent Mount St. Mary's University student
The Balancing Act
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