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Student Healthcare Advocate Program

The Healthcare Advocate program brings a complete solution for a Quality Student Health Insurance program. This solution is set apart by the assignment of a dedicated Healthcare Advocate. Your Advocate maximizes the benefits of your student insurance program. Your students have a resource who can answer their questions, check on their claims and provide appeal services in the event a student has a claim denied by the insurance company.

We become your full-service Satellite Office of Student Insurance, just as if we were down the hall. When a student approaches you with a student insurance question, you provide them your dedicated toll-free telephone number. Our Healthcare Advocates are experts in your student insurance policy and can educate your students on your school-sponsored plan. If a specific question arises, our Healthcare Advocates have access to back-office staff at the insurance company to get the answers efficiently.

Our technology provides a customizable website for the collection of enrollment data and/or waivers. Our proprietary software tracks each student through the process.

This is a fee-based program. The fee is added to the cost of insurance paid by the student. This payment arrangement assures our Healthcare Advocates remain conflict-of-interest free and enjoy the freedom to work on behalf of your students. The Healthcare Advocate Program is best suited for hard waiver, soft waiver and modified waiver programs.

Services Include:

Healthcare Advocacy
For most 18- to 23-year-old college students, the college experience is the first time they will be dealing with healthcare issues on their own. It is important to provide support services to students assisting them with the complex task of understanding and effectively utilizing their insurance benefits.

Students who have enrolled in the school-sponsored plan can turn to your dedicated Healthcare Advocate to answer benefit related-questions, find an in-network provider, and interpret the Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company. Your Health Center can refer off-campus medical providers to the Advocate for questions about specific coverages or referral procedures under the school-sponsored plan.

Occasionally, our Advocates find errors in billing by the providers or payment of benefits by the carrier. Your Advocate will take the responsibility of the in-depth analysis of the problem, follow the paper trail to place where things got off track, and work with the appropriate entity to have the problem corrected. All on behalf of your students!

We run into special situations where the insurance company unreasonably denies a claim. Your Healthcare Advocate will research through the policy to find areas of coverage and author the written appeal to the Carrier, including coordinating submissions from medical providers. The Healthcare Advocate will follow the process through to a final decision by the carrier. In 2008, our Healthcare Advocates authored 20 appeals and was successful in gaining additional medical insurance benefits for 14 students, with one appeal still pending.

We visit your campus. And not just at renewal! Even though we do most of the work in our Mechanicsburg office, your Healthcare Advocate comes to campus often. We visit for meetings, health fairs and presentations to significant populations on campus. Sometimes we even come just to say ‘hello'!
Included in base fee.

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Request for Proposal Services
As your Satellite Office of Student Insurance, the task of renewing your insurance program transfers to Hulse/QM®. We will manage your Request for Proposal (RFP) process, submit your detailed RFP to multiple carriers, analyze submissions, and present results to the school.

During this process, our licensed, insurance professionals will meet with your key student insurance decision makers to determine the needs of your students and the viability of your current insurance offering. We will analyze the benefits and loss history of your current sponsored plan to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current program, always looking to improve the cost to benefit ratio for students.

With Hulse/QM® you have access to expert knowledge in the student insurance industry. We understand health insurance and routinely negotiate non-standard program policies that benefit students.

"We are the experts in student health insurance,
so you can be the experts in educating students"
--Jack Hulse, President, Hulse/QM

At the conclusion of the RFP process, we notify all bidders of the outcome and coordinate the implementation of the selected plan. Our staff reviews the insurance company's published documents (brochures, flyers, etc) for accuracy prior to publication. And most importantly, a detailed review of the final policy document is conducted to ensure it meets the terms promised during the sale process.
Included in base fee.

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Enrollment/Waiver Processing
Any student insurance program creates a significant administrative workload. You have a lot of students that need to be advised of your school Student Health Insurance Policy and need to respond with their health insurance information or enroll in the school-sponsored plan. There are students and parents who call with questions, information that needs to be provided to the insurance carrier to enroll the students, and the whole process needs someone to make sure things are getting done. Using Hulse/QM® as your Satellite Office of Student Insurance lets you take advantage of the efficiencies of our processes that result in a lower cost of administering your Student Health Insurance Program.

Services Include:

  • Timeline Development that capitalizes on effective planning in the beginning of the process to free up staff for other important duties.
  • Dedicated toll-free telephone line for use by everyone from students to staff to medical providers.
  • Pre-waiver counseling and comparability analysis for students/parents who are unsure if their home health insurance meets their student needs at school.
  • Online Enrollment and Waiver capabilities through our website that allows for customization and the collection of other insurance related data.
  • Expanded enrollment and waiver submission options that include mail and fax. Additionally, waivers can be accepted by phone. These services are available for an additional fee.
  • Insurance company vetting to ensure submissions include active health insurance carriers.
  • Reminder emails to students to respond to the school's Student Insurance Policy.
  • Enrollment activity transmitted to carrier via secure electronic files.
  • Carrier transmissions are performed throughout the process to ensure students have access to their school-sponsored benefits as soon as possible.
    Included in base fee.

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Mailings and Phone Calls
Notification and response is the "name of the game" in administering Student Health Insurance Programs. Hulse/QM® has created efficient processes for notifying your students of the requirements of your school's Student Health Insurance policy and the benefits available to them under the school-sponsored plan.

Most of our colleges and universities have out-sourced the notification process to Hulse/QM®. We have a proven, multiple communication process that results in the maximum number of student responses. We utilize traditional and electronic technologies and continually investigate new ways to reach your students.

You can schedule outreach phone calls to your no response students into your program. This service is utilized by our first or second year clients, until students become accustomed to your school's policy and to providing information to Hulse/QM®.
Outreach phone calls are available for an additional fee.

As the Satellite Office of Student Insurance, we perform all the same services you would need if we were just down the hall, with the same care and concern for your student population.
Included in base fee.

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Direct Premium Collection
Hulse/QM® has recently added Direct Premium Collection services. Through our website, we can accept cost of insurance payments directly from the student, minimizing the workload of the Student Accounts staff. During our program development process, we will review your options and assist in the decision as to whether this program is right for your school.
In addition to base fee.

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Reporting and Auditing
With all Quality Student Health Insurance Programs there is a need for information. The Healthcare Advocates at Hulse/QM® provide a full range of reporting that is delivered on the schedule that works best for your process and customized to the needs of your collegiate management software. Hulse/QM® works with your IT or departmental staff to determine file formats that are compatible with your current systems.

Examples of Reporting:

  • Student Insurance Reporting Summaries
  • Participation Summary
  • Health Center Files
  • Student Account Files
  • Athletic Insurance Files
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Historical Reporting

Periodically during the annual term of your insurance program we perform an audit on the insurance company enrollment records for accuracy of benefit eligibility. We also review insurance company invoices to verify appropriate premium has been charged to all enrollees.
Included in base fee.

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Athletic Reporting
The Athletic Department is a key user of health insurance information on a college or university campus. We have developed systems that can report specifically on athletes and provide needed reporting to athletic departments and trainers. We have several reporting formats, so athletic staff can choose what is most useful to them.
In addition to base fee, unless Hulse/QM® brokers the intercollegiate athletic insurance.

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