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Student Athletic Insurance - The Balancing Act

Student Athletic Insurance - The Balancing Act Chart

Student Health Insurance is a Balancing Act of competing interests and the Hulse/QM® approach ensures your program balances the interests of all who are affected by your school's student health insurance program.

We begin with the students and parents. Student needs drive the development of a student health insurance plan that maximizes benefits for a minimum price.

Health Centers and Sports Medicine departments join the students in their need for a plan that maximizes benefits. The richer the benefit plan, the more options these university-based health providers have when providing for the health of your students.

The Administration of the College or University sides with the students on the minimum price. Finance administrators are focused on the full cost of higher education, so they can provide a quality academic experience and maintain their competitiveness.

The Insurance Company has a goal of maintaining a profitable plan that allows for payments of all student claims and an appropriate amount for administrative costs and profit. The stability of the student health insurance plan has a direct correlation to future price increases.

Through our Request for Proposal process, Hulse/QM® will work with all these interests to find the right BALANCE for your Student Health Insurance Program.

The Balancing Act
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